One Bet Invest was founded in 2017 by a group of like – minded financial experts in the field of risk management and sports games fans.The team of the company One Bet Invest, consisting at the moment of more than 20 traders and IT specialists successfully applies in its work only proven earnings strategies that bring 100% profit to our investors, and also uses its own automated tools that allow 24/7 monitoring of the so-called "forks", thereby increasing the dividends of our partners!In addition to earnings at sporting events, our company successfully earns on other financial assets, thereby increasing the stability of the growth of the organization.

What does ONE BET INVEST offer to its customers?

In 2018, the company's management came to the conclusion that it is time to expand the business impact of the investment platform to the maximum extent possible. In this regard, it was decided to provide opportunities for passive online earnings for investors from around the world. To this end, an online investment platform has been created that can provide high returns to investors on the Internet, implementing the management of private investments using a convenient interface and consistently high quality service.

How many years of experience ONE BET INVEST?

The final formation of the company's modern business was completed at the end of 2017.

How can a company generate such a high profit for investors?

Using diversification, modern methods of trading and betting, we are able to maintain profitability at the highest level.

What personal data should be provided to the company?

The basic personal information we need is your email address, payment details and username.

Is my personal information safe?

Absolutely. The company under no circumstances discloses personal data of clients to third parties and keeps all personal data of clients in complete confidentiality.

What additional information may the company collect about the user?

Our system may automatically identify and collect the following additional user information:

How will the company use my personal data?

All personal information provided by the user may be used by the company solely for the performance of obligations and investment activities.

How many accounts can I create in the program?

Any user can create only one active account in our program.

Can I use the company's investment offers without creating an account?

This is not possible because the system requires an error-free and unique identification of each customer.

How can I opt out of the notifications I receive from the company?

By creating an account in our program, you agree to receive letters, notifications and other important information from our company. This is necessary for the full security and effectiveness of the process of mutual cooperation.

Can I create multiple accounts using the same computer? For example, for members of my family.

No. Using one ip-address or one computer you can create only one active account in our program

Can I make changes to my own payment details?

Yes. You can do this if necessary.

What registration data can I change after creating an account

You can change your email address.

What you need to know when creating an account in the program?

The main requirements for the user who intends to create an account in our investment program:The user must be at least 18 years old;The user must not be a citizen of the country, or be at the time of account creation in a country where online investment activity is prohibited by local law.

Do I need to use a special link to create my account?

No. Just use any link to our official website. It can be both direct and affiliate, the so-called referral link.

What additional documents may be required after registration?

In the event that there is a situation where it is necessary to fully identify the owner of the active account, we may request some additional information from the client. In all other cases, the provision of additional documents and other personal information is not required.

In what situations can I have problems logging into my personal account?

In cases where:You are using an incorrect username;You are using an incorrect password;Server is overloaded with requestsYou may have trouble logging in to your personal account.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, use the corresponding function of your personal account or contact online support.

How to open a Deposit in the company?

Register a personal account, go to the investments tab, select the appropriate tariff plan and click the "invest"button.

In what currencies is done investing?

1. Bitcoin

2. Perfect Money
3. AdvCash

4. Payeer

What if I don't have the funds to payment systems that are available to invest in the company?

We have provided the widest possible opportunities to use the most popular payment systems when investing. You can use special exchange services to exchange your funds for the e-currency you need.

Is it possible to earn money in the company without investment?


Can I create multiple investments in the program?

Yes. The number of investments is not limited.

In what mode is the processing of requests for payment of funds?

Withdrawals can be ordered any day of the week and will take from 3 to 5 days.

Once I create an investment, how fast will the money be activated and my Deposit will start to make me a profit?

All financial transactions are performed instantly. With the exception of investments, created using cryptocurrency. It may take some time for your investment to become active when using cryptocurrencies. This is due to the need for the system to confirm transactions.

If I created an investment using BTC, in what currency will I receive the accruals?

You will receive charges in the currency in which you created the investment. In Your case – in BTC.

Can I change the email address I used to register?

Yes. Do this in your personal account.

Can I withdraw funds to the payment system, different from that with which I created the investment?

No. We do not provide currency exchange services

What should I pay for when investing?

The company does not provide any fees or hidden charges.

When investing, most of the payment systems used charge a fee for the transactions. Who pays these fees

If the initiator of the transaction is an investor (only when creating a Deposit), the Commission is paid by the investor. If the initiator of the transaction is a company (payments of income, profits, affiliate fees, etc.), the Commission is paid by the company.

Are there any cases of payment delays or transaction processing?

It's possible. In cases of technical regulation and non-regulatory works, as well as through the fault of third-party service providers (payment systems, hosters, providers, etc.).

Обязан ли я предоставлять какие-либо документы по истечении срока действия инвестиции?

You don't.

Do I have to comply with any additional (hidden) conditions or actions after the investment expires?

No. Just get your investment and keep working with us if you want.

What nuances should be taken into account when investing with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a full-fledged means of payment. Therefore, no special nuances should be taken into account. Just take note that the activation of an investment created with Bitcoin may take some time

My account balance does not have enough funds to create an investment. What am I to do?

Simply top up your account balance to the desired amount.

How to create a personal account and get access to all functions of the system?

Just register on our website and you will be provided with all the functions of the system automatically.

When website is available?

We provide round-the-clock access to all system functions. Except in cases that are outside the influence of the company.

How secure is the site?

We have created enduring system of protection of the site, which is able to withstand any malicious activity online. Among the measures aimed at full security of the site and users, there is the most modern ssl-data encryption, powerful DDoS protection and multi-level firewall. We can't mention some of the security methods here, as the possession of this information can make it easier for intruders.

I see a significant increase in site traffic, investment and overall growth in statistics. Why is this happening?

We are developing. What we do finds a lively response among investors from all over the world. Therefore, an increase in the main investment indicators is a normal trend for our successfully developing company.

What is the probability of losing access to the site?

It will depend only on you. If you lose your password, you will not be able to use your personal account. If you create more than one active account, you will also be denied access to your personal account. If you did not comply with the investment conditions or tried to maliciously affect the stability of the company in any way. These are the three main reasons.

I followed all the rules, but I can't access the site. What am I doing wrong?

Change your browser and clear cookies. If you still have difficulty accessing the site, it means that the site is undergoing unscheduled technical work, updates or additions. Or there were difficulties on hosting. In any case, no need to worry. We are confident that the correct operation of the site will be restored in the near future.

What is affiliate program?

This is a program that provides for the accrual and payment of partner remuneration to users whose invited partners have created investments in the investment program of the company.

Is it possible to receive a reward for the promotion of the program as a whole?

Yes. To do this, it is necessary to use advertising materials provided to each user in their personal accounts as efficiently as possible. Increasing advertising efforts, you increase your affiliate potential and the amount of money earned.

For how many deposits made by my partner will I be able to get a partner reward?

Whenever Your partner creates a new investment, you will receive a partner reward.

What is the amount of partner reward?

For any Deposit made by your personally invited partner, you will receive up to 15% of the nominal value of the Deposit.

What are the terms of the affiliate bonus?

The Deposit must be created using your affiliate link and you must have at least the "Start" tariff plan active.

What is the procedure for the payment of affiliate fees?

Partner's remuneration is similar to the payment of charges created by the investment.

Does the value of the partner reward depend on what kind of investment plan my partner has chosen for investment


When exactly will I receive a partner reward for the investment made by my partner?

You will receive an affiliate reward as soon as Your partner opens a Deposit.

Can I change my upline?


Can I lose my affiliate link or can it be blocked?

No. Your affiliate link is assigned to you on a permanent basis and cannot be blocked or lost in any other way

How can I use an affiliate link?

The affiliate link is intended to identify new members of the program as investors personally invited by you. Because by registering a personal account on Your affiliate link, the system records any such user as Your personally invited partner. Forever. That is why it is so important to be active and enterprising, providing your affiliate link to as many people as possible. Thus, you significantly increase your potential and the number of your own partner structure.

This Agreement constitutes a contract between the participant and the company ONE BET INVEST.
I. General Terms And Conditions

1.1. rights of program participant:

1.2. participant shouldn’t give any identity documents with personal information. also, participant shouldn’t pass identity procedure by sending documents to the address of his physical presence or by mean of phone.

1.3. one bet invest obliges don’t send personal data of participant (login, first and last name, email address and deposit information) to any third party.



  • - Register on the site and have just 1 (one) account in the system.
  • - Charge funds on the account in the cash system by mean of any available payment methods.
  • - Open one or several investment plans is to your own discretion.
  • - Participate in holding shares of the project and contests according to share rules and contests that are published on the site.
  • - To become a participant of partnership program and attract referrals receiving partnership fee.


  • - For charging balance in the system use only belonging to him payment instruments.
  • - To make a top up payment by funds having legal origin.
  • - To keep in safety data for account access and don’t pass access to account to third persons.


  • - Company has right to block an account of a participant in the case payment systems identify illegal actions of a participant, or by request of law-enforcement authorities.
  • - To deny Participant to block his account if Participant tries somehow to spoil the project (slander, discredit, blackmail, tampering of website, spam etc.). In this case ONE BET INVEST can confiscate funds that were charged to bear damage.
  • - Change, add, rename, or leave without corrections any paragraphs, points, and subparagraphs of current rules and conditions of participants on the site.
  • Registering on the site, Participant agrees that company is responsible for quitting account activity of Participant on at any time without prior notification of Participant. Quitting of account activity can be carried because of following reasons:
    • a) violation of current Agreement.
    • b) in case Participant shares unproved negative information about company.
    • c) due to unexpected technical problems or conditions dealing with safety etc.
  • - Company has right to delete/or stop, limit or cancel access of Participant’s account if company identifies in Participant’s actions signs of violation of conditions of current Agreement without explanations of such actions.

2.4. Break in site work:

  • - Company has right to make preventive measures on the site with temporary break of the work. In the case of force majeure circumstances and also damage the break in work of site is possible without prior notification of Participants and without responsibility of company in front of Participants.
  • - Current Agreement can be changed by a company without any prior notification. Any changes in Agreement made by company unilaterally come into force the next day these changes were published on on pages of corresponding Service. Participant obliges check by himself Agreement on the subject of made corrections. Unfulfilling by Participant actions of reviewing can’t be a reason of dereliction of his duties.

2.5. One Bet Invest Requirements:

  • - To provide data privacy of participant.
  • - To make charges to the balance of Participant according to conditions of investment plan.
  • - To follow work capacity of the site and provide easy access to account.


3.1. Charge of profit by tariffs is made according to conditions indicated for every investment plan.

3.2. Participant has right to manage profit by his own discretion.

3.3. Participant is allowed to increase sum of deposit at any moment by his own will.

3.4. Participant can’t close deposit before its date of expiration.


4.1. Participant can transfer money to his account at any time by any availably mean.

4.2. Money transferred by Participant to his account is enrolled at once (except Bitcoin – payment of Bitcoin is processed by Blochchain from 15 min) and is not subjected to extra commissions from project’s side. But such commissions can take place from payment system of Participant.

4.3. Transferred funds are enrolled to Participant’s account in OBI currency.

4.4. Payment is done by requisites given by participant in account settings. ONE BET INVEST is not responsible for wrong requisites and payments done by wrongly indicated requisites.

4.5. Payments are subjected to extra commissions. Payment done within 1-2 days commission is 5%. Payment done within 5 days commission is 2%.

4.6. Payments are done only to e-purses belonging to Participant. Payments to other’s e-purses are forbidden.

4.7. All payments with Participants of a company using site including when obtaining products are done only while using rating unit OBI.

4.8. By agreement of parties cost of rating unit OBI is the same (identical) as 1 USD and is fixed in the moment of exchange from other numerical assets or into other numerical assets. Rate of rating units OBI can be changed by a company unilaterally depending on objective economic processes and circumstances, on which user gives his agreement beforehand.

4.9.Parties agreed that company ONE BET INVEST has right to hold on or limit abilities of Participants to obtain company products, and also limit (hold on) exchange and withdrawal of rating units that are used on the site

4.10. Parties agreed that company ONE BET INVEST has right to hold on or limit exchange and withdrawal of rating units that are used on the site in the case if during 2 calendar months company has drop of more than 40% from bank.


5.1. Every partner has unique referral link registering by which every invited participant connects to the account of a partner who invited him.

5.2. Partnership commission is considered from the sum of open deposit of referral and is enrolled to balance of a partner at once after referral opens deposit.

5.3. Partner has right to manage received commission to his own discretion.

5.4 One participant is forbidden to register more than one account for participation in partnership program.


6.1. The whole content within pages and enclosures of the site ONE BET INVEST, whether it is text, graphic or other information, is intellectual property of ONE BET INVEST.

6.2. Any links, literal or partially literal quoting of given content should be provided with obligatory mentioning about intellectual property.

6.3. Partial or whole copy of given content with the purpose of further distribution or commercial use can be fulfilled only under corresponding agreement with administration ONE BET INVEST


7.1. For not fulfilling/or violation of given Rules by Participant or ignoring of warnings from administration, ONE BET INVEST can without further communication and discussions with interested party partially limit access, temporary block or delete forever account of such Participant. Money as a main deposit, percentage fee on it, referral and bonus fee, and other means that could be on balance of account on the moment of established fact of not fulfilling Rules, are not subject of compensation.

7.2. User carries personal responsibility for safety and protection of his password and data information.

7.3. ONE BET INVEST is not responsible and doesn’t guarantee safety of data of Participants in cases: passing of password by Participant to third persons (on purpose or carelessly); access of third persons to email of Participant.

7.4. Participant expresses his full agreement with conditions of Agreement without any clauses and exceptions. Receiving access to account on the site of a company Participant recognizes himself as one who concluded and agreed given agreement, and also gives his agreement on fulfilling by company concluded agreements.

7.5. Use by Participant account on the site after authorization which includes entering of private login and password is agreement with given agreement.

7.6. In the case Participant doesn’t agree with any of points of Agreement, Participant can’t use his account and should hold on from its use. In the case company made any changes into Agreement with which Participant doesn’t agree he should stop using

7.7. Entering data registration and other data and joining Agreement, Participant expresses his agreement on processing of his registration and other data by a company and showing them in Participant’s profile. Participant agrees to pass register and other data to third persons.

Given Agreement represents contract between Participant and company ONE BET INVEST.